Hey !! Welcome to a very short and quick tour to Python. As I am keeping it really short to make it a read of not more than 10–15 minutes, so I will be jumping directly into the concepts and the topics Python has.

Why Python?

  • Very simple to learn.

Keywords In Python :

In very simple words, Keywords in Python are the reserved words for python.

YOLOv4 performance on MS COCO.
YOLOv4 performance on MS COCO.
Speed(AP) vs. Performance(FPS) graph of YOLOv4 and other models.


Yolov4 is here, with more accuracy and optimal speed. What is YOLO?? You Only Look Once (YOLO) is an object detection system to detect multiple objects in real time and recognizes various objects in a single frame.
What’s new in YOLOv4?
According to the paper based on YOLOv4[1] the main objective of the authors was to optimize neural network detector for parallel computation, to gain speedily operating object detector which can give more accurate result. …

Prashant Shekhar

Python || Machine learning || Deep Learning || Data Science.

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